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3 Axle Side Wall Semi-Trailer

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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading  3 Axle Side Wall Semi-Trailer manufacturer and supplier.

3 Axle Side Wall Semi-Trailer with 60 ton loading capacity and 600mm to 800mm Side Walls, and the side wall fence semi trailer is a specialized for carrying 40ft cargo trailer, two 20ft containers, or one 20ft container without removing the side walls or frame. all the key component and parts used to make up the Side Wall Fence Trailer are purchased from qualified suppliers, so our side wall fence semi trailer are able to withstand a long time of use, exhibiting great strength.

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    Product Size(L*W): 13000mm*2500mm

    Loading Capacity: 30T-80T

    Sidewall Height: 600mm-1700mm

    Main Beam Material: Q345/T700

    Upper Plate Thickness: 16mm

    Middle Plate Thickness: 10mm

    Height: 500mm

    Vehicle Painting: Electrophoresis paint


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    1) Advanced Axle Performance.

    2) Strong and Durable Side Wall and Grid.

    3) Anti-Tire abrasion Suspension.

    4) Rational Analysis design.

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    Mainly used in logistics systems supporting ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transport.

Technical Information of 3 Axle Side Wall Semi-Trailer:

Novel design: super-light duty,semi-trailer of Vehicle Master is a new light vehicle, which,make several innovations on the basis Of full data analysis on transportation environments in various places, by referring to foreign and domestic advanced design concepts and by using FEA (finite element analysis).

Light tare weight: It uses convex-concave through-going beam structure, reduces weight at several positions under the precondition of ensuring structural strength, and has light tare weight.

Strong loading capacity: By using high strength steel and structural innovation, it keeps same loading capacity while reducing tare weight. It is unique in reducing oil consumption and tire wearing aspects.

High strength steel: Material of web plate and key position uses high strength low alloy steel with domestic advanced technical standard.

Product Detail:

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