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Industry Gas Cylinder

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Shanghai Mac Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Industry Gas Cylinder with high quality and reasonable price.

SMC can produce industrial steel seamless cylinders, CNG vehicle steel seamless cylinders, CNG vehicle glass fiber circumferentially wound cylinders, CNG vehicle carbon fiber wound cylinders, CNG vehicle composite material wound cylinders, CNG station steel seamless cylinders Fire cylinders, LPG cylinders, respirators and other products.

And SMC cylinder have been exported to over than 40 countries including Germany, France, UK, USA, Malaysia , India, Bangladesh etc.

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    Norminal Working Pressure (bar):150bar/200bar

    Hyd.test Pressure (bar):250bar/300bar

    Filling Medium:Oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.


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  • Outer Diameter(mm):219mm~325mm

    Water Capacity(L):23L~120L



Technical Information of Industry Gas Cylinder:

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Industry Gas Cylinder-Excel.png

Packaging of Industry Gas Cylinder:

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